American Prosperity Meter

I just came up with an idea to gauge the prosperity of the country. By creating a census of people by – jobs by area, amount per month paid, car payment amount, amount paid for rent, amount for food, amount paid for fun, and amount saved in the bank, we can create a graph based upon age and area of economical prosperity. We can also if the same people come back at timed intervals and give updates the countrys forward or backwards movement in these areas. It can be built on an anonymous and none anonymous level and it can be open sourced as it will be free to use. I have a domain at and will be proposing this to groups when I am there.

So the none anonymous level will be the main one and will be using facebook login to verify your identity. You fill out a questionnaire on if you are employed or not and the statistics and a graph will show the results based on ages 0-18 18-20 20-30 30-40 50-65 65-on up and Zip code. If the same people then come back every 6 months and update the information they gave we can then create a meter based upon new information, signups and the employment statistics given of the nation prosperity.

As it grows people can post tips for helping other to proper more. A way for the people to come together to help the people prosper through information and communication. Life Coaches, Self Help Evangelist, Spiritual and Holistic Healers, People who are doing well themselves helping others to better their lives.

If we are all curious as to how elected figures are doing, how changes in our world effect the economy and bills that get passed are shaping the future we need an effective calculator made by the people for the people. So what is stopping us from building one. With computer Science and the internet we have a way to come together and get honest facts. No more wondering, listening to political promises, or wondering if we are getting the facts straight from the media. We can put together an America Meter and see for ourselves. From President to president we can get facts by finding honest ways to gauge the economy. In my college Business Management class we used a program called Lidia to gauge a business based upon an income statement, balance sheet and a ratio report. What do we need to use to gauge how America is doing?

In the future we could possibly see from reports what effects prior bills that were passed, presidents, and elected officials had on the economy and what traits we need in the coming ones to keep America doing great.

We could have had a report on health care before Obama Care during Obama Care and at this point we could see where we are going and what we need to do. What about taxes. It seems that 1099 is the reason behind no money for the medical system. Are we just going to keep creating pay for systems? What about about Police. If you pay a premium you get police protection? We really need a system for paying taxes that leaves no resident out; in a way that you as a citizen are not allowed to get behind and fall in your dutys. They are too important to just leave up to the individual with 1099. It is imperative from the protection of our borders and military strength to the roads, police, ambulance, fire departments, state, federal and medical systems not to mention the care of our elderly that the citizens need to keep the taxes paid no matter. In war there is a leave no men women or child behind philosophy. We can’t let our citizens make a choice to fall.

It should include what has already been suggested plus the Lidia list of financial statements and whats going on with taxes on a zip code by zip code basis if not individual to see where we are falling behind in revenues.

If there is a substantial gap in revenues. A system plus tax debt forgiveness is not a bad idea. From then on you record what you make honestly cause your taxes are already deducted and we can see how the economy is honestly being created through our decision making.

Any records of prior spending should also be added to the list so we can see where the decisions of the past has made us into who we are today. Of the most importance a strong military and where we have to go in the future to keep our military strong. This is so important for securing ourselves as the biggest world power. How would we deal with the military budget being in the public eye? Is it already a public entity? Can you look up what we are spending? What about research and development in that area? Are we already voting on this?

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