Do you want Happiness?


The Ecercise

“What you practice regularly will be the first thought that comes to mind when you need it the most.”

A leading expert in military training methods, Grossman(2001) gives four(but lets focus on Classical Conditioning, Operant Conditioning and Role Modeling and apply it being healthy and positive from a less healthy and positive place instead of killing people) types of training techniques used

1) Classical Conditioning
2) Operant Conditioning
3) Role Modeling

According to Grossman (2001), these techniques aimed to break down barriers to embrace a new set of norms and way of life

(Classical Conditioning) Condition trainees to pair killing with something more enjoyable and pleasurable – but instead – Positive Thoughts with Positive Feelings and Happiness – Letting go of harmful thoughts and enmbracing positive happier thoughts quickly and efficiently to the point that it allows you to be happy inside instead of angry – Practicing Gratitude, repeat the stimulus(Thought)-response(Love) reaction to develop a reflex(practice it daily) (Operant Conditioning)

(Role Modeling) Utilise a role model of a superior to provide action by example.(get rid of negative people in your life in favor of more positive relationships)

Do you agree that anything you practice at you will get better at? Good Than lets break down How to feel good so you can begin to exercise your ability to feel good. Thoughts are were all feelings start. If you don’t believe me think of something bad and look at how that makes you feel. Then switch that thought to something that makes you feel good. A kitten or puppy or a hug from someone you really love. Do you see the change in your feelings? So to change how you feel you need to focus on something that makes you feel good. Now we know that practicing something will make you better at it. Lets make a list of the things that you feel irritated at in you life and in your thoughts. What are the thoughts saying to you that makes you feel bad? What do you trully believe about you? Are you in agreement about your thoughs? Then make a list of the truth. Once we have rewriten them into thoughts and situations that you would like and that would make you feel good burn or flush that negative list down the toilet as a symbol of letting go and moving into the new and wonderful you.

The good list are things we are going to focus from now on and the thought are the things we will focus on first. When you say these thoughts out loud they should make you feel good and you should feel love in your heart as you say them. If you are in a place where you are in the proximity of a really negitive people take a drive up into the mountains and get away from them so you can be alone. It is easier to feel good when we are away from these people. If they constantly make you feel bad you should think about separating yourself from them permanantly or until they incorporat a more positive treatment of you.

For the next 90 days go somewhere where you can be alone with yourself and practice saying these thoughts and feeling good. When you feel something negative or a negative thought comes into your mind push it away and stay focused on the positive thoughts. A man or women who goes to the gym for an half hour a day and keeps a healthy diet will ultimately get into better shape. A man or women who does not go to the gym and eats alot of foods that are counter productive to good health will get out of shape. Same thing with our mind and our heart. It responds to life in the same way our body does. When we excercise our minds in a positive way and listen to the positive thoughts we say to ourselves our hearts and lives respond in a positive way. When we are constantly focusing on negitivity and speaking to ourselves in a negative way our hearts and lives respond in a negative way. From here on out if you are not saying something good about yourself don’t say nothing at all. If you catch yourself saying something negative about yourself say immediately 7 thing positive about yourself. The excercise is saying things out loud to yourself about yourself that make you feel love for yourself and feeling love for yourself while you say them. It is not wrong to love yourself. Anyone who has told you different is lying to you, using you and leading you wrong.

One more thing that is important to practice is Gratitude. There are alot of people in life that are suffering alot more than us. You might be going through something today but tommorrow it will clear itself up. I woke up today and my phone is brock so I can’t even turn it on. I’m brock. I feel like the world is going to end because of it. It is not but it feels like it. I know though if I wait a few days and stay positive it will correct itself. I can fall into feeling angry because I feel like life rips me off. When I really look at it though I am more blessed than I can sometimes see. I have a job I like that allows me free time to build my projects and travel around. In the thick of it though I loose sight of those things and see all the little pokes and needles that come with being alive and surcome sometimes to the mental anguish instead and if I can’t check it in time I can lash out in anger at the people around me. We are dealing with alot these days. The separations between groups of people and other peoples agendas that get pushed on us daily makes it hard to stay positive. In exercising our gratitude for the things we are grateful for every day we give ourselves a tool to use and a place to fallback on instead of anger when the going is rough. What you practice regularly will be the first thought that comes to mind when you need it the most.

You can also practice loving someone in a relationship, loving school, loving work, loving chores. Remember that all feelings can be changed into feelings that make your life better instead of worse with practice. You don’t have to stop excercising if you don’t want. Once you have finished with the 90 days work for a half hour a day making your situations change to what you would like them to be if they have not already. Like quitting something harmful, getting away from negative people in your life or going to school for a better carrear.

A note on drug addiction. When you love getting high and it brings you down are you practicing something that will help you? Maybe practice hatting drugs, alcohol, whatever in conjuction with 1) separating yourself from old hangouts and friends that keep you in the loop so to speak. 2) finding something to focus your mind on besides getting high. School, Project, Work. 3) Hanging out with people who are like minded in fxing thier problems too. 4) Refraining from behavior that makes you feel bad or gets you into trouble. 5) Try caring about the services. Police, Fire Department, Abulances, Military, Government and The People as to be a part of this country. Get into being of service and helping others. And maybe in trying to care about others they will try to help you. People see when you are trying to care about them. They repond accordingly.

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  1. Hey would you mind sharing which blog platform you’re working with?
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    1. Thanks for your Comment, I’m using WordPress for the blogging platform and the free theme Twenty Seventeen. I’d love to work with you if you need help with it. You can reach me at (818) 916-0513.

    1. Thanks again for your Comment, Like I told Earn $1 I’m using WordPress for the blogging platform and the free theme Twenty Seventeen. I’d love to work with you too if you need help with it. You can also reach me at (818) 916-0513.

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