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Trigves Arm - ARM(Multi-dementional Array to Relational Database Mapping) - My version of the ORM(Object to Relational Database Mapping)
Magento 2 Module Dev Super Flush - A Module for Magento 2 thats helps developers manage the caches and file generation. When you use the rm functions (rm -rf var/generation/* or rm -rf var/cache/*) you must rebuild your files with bin/magento setup:di:compile and bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy or the application will not reload. This is an expert level module and requires you to have a high level of understanding when it comes to Magento 2 file generation and caching. BE CAREFULL!! THIS PLUGIN LEAVES THE USER ROOM TO ERROR. ITS NOT TO MAKE A NON-PROGRAMMER ABLE TO WORK. ITS TO MAKE IT EASIER FOR A PROGRAMMER TO WORK.
Wordpress Plugin Twilio SMS - A Plugin for WordPress that with a Twilio account will let you send SMS messages to your customers.
Platform Independent Database Mapping System - Export Products, Orders, Users with an easy to use Database Mapping System that maps database rows from one system to another. Magento to WordPress, WordPress to Laravel, Etc..

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Global Web Methods

Got Apache configuered for SNI and both SSL Certificates(WeBeGreat and BestSpot2Shop) working on all the major browsers. So after alot of reading I've reinstalled all the apache2 gear (LAMP) so I can search its conf files for the right configurations for my apache with SNI. I want to make things easy and use the existing php7 and mysql server if I can. Thinking the mpm would break my ability to run multiple ssls on one ip address and wanting to delve into the thread safe multi concurent conection settings I charged off into building my own php from source.

Spent all day yesterday learning about ./configure options, -dev packages, threads and thread-safe apache and php configurations, make, make test, the output from make test, and make install. I have been following this awesome book on creating php extensions Here I installed my php from source, got my php.ini file in the right place built with --enable-maintainer-zts for thread safe but couldn't find any way to get the made. Im getting tiered of trying at this point so I decide to go try the mpm (Multi-Processing Modules) Here Id like to move to event or worker in the future but to run the existing php7 and mysql server that is loaded with apt-get I had to reconfigure apache to run prefork. I installed them all though so I could play with them.

Finally I'm done but I cant wait to keep delving into php extentions so I got a copy of php that is --enable-debug so I can create one. I'm thinking a 3d image extention that creates a 3d image out of a group of photos. I should do a tutorial on it all.